Meteor 1.3.2 – Importing CSS, SASS and LESS from node_modules

Meteor 1.3.2 is about to be released and while its gone under the radar it features a huge (IMHO) enhancement to the Meteor build system.

As you know 1.3 introduced “full” NPM support out of the box for Client and Server environments however it only worked for Javascript code. As of 1.3.2 you can import css, sass and less from node_modules too.

For me this is a great addition, lots of NPM modules ship the SASS or LESS code along with the processed CSS which is really useful if you want to use the mixins or variables from your own code, for instance I recently wanted to use the Material Design color pallet in my application, before i would have had to find a Package on atmosphere or copy the sass in to my application, no all i need to so is this:

Notice the convention {}/node_modules now you have access to all the goodies in the module like:

With this addition, i think “full” NPM support is almost a reality  Thanks MDG 


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  • Patrick Mencias-lewis

    I have for the life of me been unable to get this to work with quill. Any ideas?

    @import “{}/node_modules/quill/dist/quill.snow.css”;

    • It doesn’t work with css files, so import the less or sass code that comes with quill (if any)