Introducing the Meteor Cast – Starter Kit

Whenever I start a new project in Meteor (feels like once a week at the moment 😉 ) I use base project that i clone out of a private Github repo, it’s served me really well until now and has given me a head start in all new Meteor developments.

With the arrival of Meteor 1.3  (I’m using 1.3-Beta.12 at the moment and its rock solid for the most part) my old base project is showing its age! it’s based on the Blaze view layout system and doesn’t make use of any es2105 features…

So I thought it was time to build a new base project and as I’m also working on delivering Meteor Casts (once a week) I though I would combine the two and make an open source “Meteor Cast – Starter Kit”


Meteor Casts Starter Kit - Landing Page


It’s a base project that you can use to start your next Meter development, it features:

  • React (from NPM) Views
  • React login views (no accounts-ui or accounts core) written especially (by me) for this kit
  • Uses the react-komposer module and the composer pattern for all React components
  • Has SSR (Server Side Rendering) on all pages by default… i.e. Googlebot can understand your pages now
  • Has SEO features allowing per-page title, meta, etc… (even when server rendered, SSR)
  • SASS for styling
  • ES2015 imports/exports utilised
  • Modern/awesome theme (built on top of bootstrap)
  • Built in Marketing pages and app pages (host your www and your app from the same project)
  • Has default 404 page
  • and much more in the pipeline…


Not only is this project a great (IMHO) foundation for your next Meteor project it’s also a really good resource if you want to learn how to do any of the above


Meteor Cast Starter Kit - Sign In


My plan is to open source this in the coming days and commit to stable releases which can be sourced via this blog (I will put a dedicated page up soon), I’m hoping that the community (you guys) will support me with this and contribute to the project, I’m especially interested in UX, Responsive Features, Testing and Mantra contributions at the moment.

Try it now

To wet your appetite I have uploaded the Meter Cast Starter Kit to so you can see it in action:

Help Me

The project is available on GitHub, but I Invite you to support me by contributing back any enhancements you make.


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  • Joe Burdick

    Hi Floyd, I think the starter kit is a great idea! Given the volume of competition though I wonder if you’d have more conversion if you just open it up on Github with a checklist of what needs to be done?

    • Thats the plan, i just need to put the time and effort in to setting it up as an Open Source project rather then hacking on the project itself 😉 I think it shuold be up by Monday.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.


      • Christian Josephs

        Any update on this one? 🙂

        • I’m aiming to have it ready as 1.3 gets formally released, its broken a few times as i’ve upgraded through each beta and now RC release and i don’t have the bandwidth to offer technical support on these types of issues. latest RC is looking good, they don’t seem to be far away now.

          • Michael Fürmann

            Hi Floyd,
            now that 1.3 is out, do you have any updates to your release plan for the starter kit?

  • sweet, looking forward to this.

  • Tom Chae

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  • Jkolade

    @Floyd, this is an amazing project, Looking forward to help support and contribute to it. Excellent work mate!

  • Luca Pulira

    I got 404

    • its a stater kit, not an application… 404 pages are there ready for you to replace with your applications pages 😉

  • I have created a GitHub repository and will be adding more to it over the coming days.

    Also keep an eye on the home page for updates